Plastic roofing for plastic roofs

The material is used to build roofs, and the coating is made of polyethylene.

It also acts as a roof sealant, protecting the plastic from the elements.

It’s a highly effective material, and it’s also environmentally friendly.

In a study done in 2007, researchers found that the coating of plastic roofers actually protected the roof against water infiltration, so they could use it to cover up cracks.

But since then, it’s been called into question.

A study conducted by researchers at the University of Utah in 2009 showed that the plastic roof coating was less effective at protecting the roof from water infiltration than the non-plastic coatings, which had no water absorption.

In the latest study, published in the journal Environmental Science and Technology, researchers took samples from plastic roofs to test their efficacy.

And while the new study found the plastic coating was more effective than the previous study, it still had a small advantage.

The researchers noted that the material was still less effective than a coating made from polyethylenes and polypropylene, which was more water resistant than the new material.

The plastic coatings were less effective in terms of protecting the materials against water and moisture infiltration, but the new plastic coat, which is also more effective, is more water-resistant.