How to make a roof tent

ROOF TERMS: Size: 3-4ft (1.4m) diameter (approx. 15-20cm) (not including the roof top), 8ft (2.6m) long (appx 4.5m) x 4ft (½m) wide (not excluding the roof edge) and 10ft (3.3m) deep (app x 4.2m).

Size and weight: 3ft (¾m) for one side, 3ft 3in (0.7m) on the other.

Materials: 2-6ft (0-3m), 1-1/2lb (0–2kg) cotton/polyester, 2-1lb (1kg) spandex, 4-1ft (150mm) nylon or hemp rope.

Fabric: Cotton/polyethylene or cotton/spandex or polyester.

For best results, double-stitched.

Fence: PVC or PVC-reinforced vinyl.

For better results, polyester foam.

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