‘I’m a real man’: The story of Malarkey, a roofer with a ‘gable’

The tale of Malariksh is one of many stories of how men and women who have been struggling to find a roof can be turned around.

Malarksh is one such example.

He works as a roofing contractor in Kolkata, India, and lives in the town of Thane, in the state of Haryana.

When I met Malariksh at his office in the city, he told me he is “a real man”.

He told me the story of his father, who passed away in 1992, when Malarihes was five years old.

Malariesh was then working as a domestic helper for the family of a relative, and his father had been working in construction.

After he left his home, his father was able to pay off his mortgage and buy a house, which was where Malariys parents lived.

“I was very fortunate to be able to live in this house and have a roof over my head,” Malari says.

“My father didn’t have much money, so he lived on the pension from his work.

He was always taking care of us.

But after the house was bought, he retired and my parents went to live at a relative’s house in another part of the state.

I grew up in this area, and I worked as a labourer.”

Since Malariaks father passed away, Malari’s mother and older sister also left India, so his parents could provide for their three younger brothers.

Malaris mother had been living in the US for several years, while his younger brother was still in the UK.

Maleriks mother was a single mother of four, who worked as an administrative assistant for the US embassy.

His younger brother had gone to the US on a tourist visa.

But his mother’s husband had a wife and children who were not living in India.

“At that time, I didn’t know what I was going to do.

So my father took me to live with him and he raised me as his own son.

When my father passed, my mother and I decided to stay in India, but the family didn’t approve of that, because they didn’t like me as my own son,” Malaris brother Malari explains.

“So, I moved to Kolkataka, and my father had also moved to the city.

I got married in the same year and had a daughter.

I was very happy and happy in India and was very proud of my son.

But when I got back to the United States, I was getting a lot of attention because I was married and I had two children, and so I got divorced.”

A few years later, Malarics family moved to another part and he found himself unemployed, so when his mother asked him to look for work, Malaris chose to return to India, with his sister, Malam.

“In the US, I got a job, and that’s when I had to get married again,” Malarises mother explains.

Malarek was a labourers job and his family was working from home, and he used to live on the street.

“When I started my new job, I told my brother and sister that I want to live the life of a migrant worker.

I didn´t know if I wanted to be a migrant or a domestic worker.

But I did and I did.

When we got to the UK, I thought I should start a new life.

My mother was in love with me, and we decided to marry,” Malarinks father Malari tells me.

But that dream did not last long.

In 2011, the Indian government gave a visa to Malarisks family to move to the country, and the family was welcomed with open arms.

“But they were very scared.

My family members said I would get kidnapped.

My brothers were scared too.

And my sisters were scared,” Malaria says.

After a few weeks, he got a phone call from his sister saying her brother was on his way.

“And then she said, ‘Don’t worry, Malaria.

We will take care of him’,” Malarias father Malar says.

Malaria’s brother Malar was in the process of moving to Australia when he had to leave his family.

“We moved to Australia with my sister and Malariak.

And we were living in an apartment with Malari, Malamar, Malabar, and Mala.

But he was a migrant, so we had to move back to India,” Malares father Malaris tells me in a voice full of emotion.

“Malar was only 18, but he knew that he was the son of a builder, and if he got in trouble with the government, they would take his family out.

And so he started working for his father.”

Malaris father says he