‘Rooftop roofing supply shop’ shuts down after five years

A Brisbane roofing retailer has closed after five-and-a-half years running after it was discovered the business was failing to meet its customers expectations.

Gable Roofing Supply has been a Brisbane roof supplier since 2008 and was founded by former staff from an earlier roofing company, Gable Roof Products, that also provided the product.

It has now shut down after a seven-year investigation by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) into the business, which it said had failed to meet standards of customer service.

“The failure to provide an adequate customer service to customers and the failure to comply with Australian consumer law and industry standards of good practice was unacceptable,” ACCC chief executive Rod Sims said.

The ACCC found Gable did not have a “compliance plan”, but that it had “failed to provide reasonable assurance that the roofing products and services it provided to its customers were suitable for the roof, and that its roofing customers were satisfied with their experience”.

“There was no assurance that Gable’s roofing suppliers were capable of providing the high quality, affordable roofing that they advertised to their customers,” the ACCC said. 

“While we found the business to be financially sustainable and had managed to survive for five years, we also found that the business failed to take appropriate measures to address the significant risks that Gables roofing product was carrying and the impact it was having on the quality of its customers’ roofing.

 “We found that Gability failed to protect its customers from possible product liability and that the product and services the company offered to its roofers were not consistent with the expectations of its clients.

“Gable failed to provide the roof-covering products, services, and materials required to effectively deliver the product for which it advertised.”

The investigation also found Gables “shuttered its retail stores” in 2016, “effectively eliminating its roof-building business” and “had no plans to reopen”.

“I’m very disappointed that this has happened,” Gable owner and managing director Michael Crouch told ABC Brisbane.

“[It’s] been an absolute nightmare, and it’s been a long time coming.”

Mr Crouch said he would continue to supply roofing supplies to other Brisbane businesses.

“If the customers that I sell the product to are happy with it and if the customers are happy, then it’s good,” he said.

“That’s what I’m trying to do.

I’m just trying to make sure I have customers happy.”

The ACCCA is currently looking into complaints received about Gables products, and has also launched an investigation into the retailer’s retail store.

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