Tesla’s solar roofing business could be hit by new regulations

Tesla is poised to be the first carmaker to be hit with new solar roof standards under a proposed rule from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC).

The electric automaker is proposing a standard that would require roofers to meet standards set by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), the FMCSA’s counterpart in the US.

The rules, which have not yet been finalized, would make roofing for Tesla vehicles one of the few areas that could be affected by federal regulations.

Tesla is one of a handful of electric carmakers that have been able to avoid complying with FMCSC standards by using a technology known as “insulating coatings,” which coat roofs with a layer of insulating material to keep the air in.

Tesla, however, has said that its roofing technology has been a priority for the company, and the new regulations are designed to address this.

The Tesla company said in a statement that the company “has been working diligently with regulators, in the last several months, to develop a solar roof technology that can meet federal requirements and meet our customers’ needs.”

The company said it will continue to meet the FMRSA’s requirements for solar roof covering and that it is “in the process of testing this new solar technology” and will report back to regulators.

Tesla, which currently makes electric vehicles and is in the process on building a new factory in Fremont, California, could also face more regulations under the new rules.

Tesla is the largest electric vehicle manufacturer in the world, but is struggling with competition from electric vehicles from electric car companies such as Tesla and Nissan, and with new regulations in the works that would ban Tesla vehicles from operating in some states, including California.