U.S. Department of Transportation: US$5B in infrastructure fund is in surplus for 2020 budget

A U.s.

Department Of Transportation report shows the United States could have enough money to fund infrastructure for two years in 2020, even with a $5 billion supplemental funding bill.

The funding bill passed by Congress in December included a $10 billion increase in the Federal Transit Administration’s (FTA) capital funds, but that funding would expire after two years.

That funding was intended to cover the costs of infrastructure projects the federal government needs to complete, but it also could provide funding to cover unforeseen emergencies, including natural disasters.

The U., however, would not be able to meet the funding requirement without a supplemental funding measure.

The $5.6 billion supplemental bill, which passed the House of Representatives in December and the Senate in January, provided a supplemental $5 million for infrastructure projects.

The money would be applied to the 2017 Federal Transit Account.

The supplemental funding is not necessarily permanent, but is intended to help the government cover unforeseen emergency costs, such as natural disasters or other unexpected events.

The funding is a “stretch” that is supposed to expire in 2018.

The FTA did not immediately respond to a request for comment on the report.