Roof coating rips off roof of house, destroys it

A home in northeast Philadelphia was destroyed by a roof coating that tore off a roof over its entire foundation.

It happened Monday morning when the homeowner, a man in his 40s, and his son were inside their home when they heard the roof chattering.

It was a real mess. “

When the roof came off, the entire house was gone.

It was a real mess.

It just ripped up a whole lot of the roof.”

According to police, the homeowner has not been charged.

Neighbor Charles Miller said he thought his house was “gone.”

“I heard a cracking noise and I went outside and looked at the roof,” he told CBS.

“I could see the whole house was missing.”

“They have a really good roof, so you wouldn’t think that you could do something like that,” neighbor Susan Pizzano told CBS Philly.

The roof coating was a paint job on a house that was previously painted white.CBS Philly reports the homeowner is cooperating with investigators and is looking for any other possible victims.