New roof rake can reduce the risk of roofing problems

When a roof rake has become a problem, some people have to make do with a piece of cardboard or plastic that has been left on the roof when the roof has been removed.

But now a plastic roof rake from the company Corrugated Plastic Roofing (CPL) can help prevent the risk that roof rakes could be damaged during the installation process.

The roof rake is made of a plastic coating that absorbs water during the heating process and then is covered with a protective layer of plastic that will not harm the material it is covered by.

It can also be used as a base for other products.

The plastic coating is a combination of polycarbonate and polystyrene, which is designed to absorb the heat of the sun and create a protective covering of plastic.

CPL is currently selling the roof rake in three sizes and is currently in pre-order for £34.95 ($52).

It is available from the manufacturer’s website and is available in black and white.