How to install a roof drip-edge to get your home looking like a supermoon

A roof drip does more than simply deflect the sun’s rays.

It also helps keep your home cooler, and you might just want to do some research before you jump into the DIY DIY project.

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A drip’s basic function is to absorb water from your roof and turn it into steam.

It’s a process that has been around for hundreds of years, but the technology behind a drip is really only just beginning to be understood.

A new report from The Climate Group says that the process is currently being researched, and the benefits to the environment are promising.

“The biggest potential benefits of a drip-Edge system are the environmental benefits, which include reducing the amount of greenhouse gas emissions, the energy used to make the product, and reducing the likelihood of water infiltration into the roof,” said Michael Haines, executive director of the Climate Group. 

“The other benefits are for the homeowner, who will have a more sustainable roof.”

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