What is Thule’s “Empire” roof sealants?

The first of two products Thule unveiled today will replace the current Thule Empire roof sealer with the Empire Roof Sealant (or ESR).

While the brand is known for using a sealant that will adhere to metal, Thule said it was now looking to expand its offerings.

“We have a huge range of products, and with the current crop of roof sealers, we have to choose between the traditional sealant or a new sealant,” said Thule President and CEO Jeff Odom.

“The ESR sealant will be a new and improved version of our Empire sealant.

It will have a much larger surface area, better bonding, and will be formulated to work with metal roof tiles and other roof surfaces.”

Thule said its ESR product will have two coats of sealant applied to a layer of tiles and coat it with the new ESR.

The coating is then sealed with a new layer of paint.

Both coatings will last for five years.

The ERS has a range of coatings and can be applied to all materials and roofing types.

The company also said its “Empires” sealant has a lifespan of five years and has an average curing time of 50 hours.

Odom said that the ESR’s main use will be in the case of water leakage.

This can be a problem when it rains and if you don’t seal properly, water can seep out and spill over the tiles or roof.

Thule’s ESR products have also been known for having a longer life, but Odom said the company is focusing on making the ERS more effective.

“Our goal with the EMR sealant is to provide longer life and better bonding with metal surfaces, so we have designed the product to be able to hold its shape and stick to metal roof surfaces longer,” he said.

“This also means we can coat the Eresse with a very thin layer of coating and then seal it with a thicker coating, but with a longer lasting finish,” Odom added.

“In order to provide the highest possible bond between the roof and the sealant and to maintain its durability, the ERE sealant can be used to seal all materials, not just metal,” he added.

Thulestone said the ERR is an innovative sealant made specifically for roofs.

The firm said the new product has a longer shelf life, is water-resistant, has a much thinner coating and lasts for five to five years on tiles and up to five decades on roof tiles.

“The ERR sealant features a much smaller surface area than the Empire sealer, and it will bond better with metal and will also bond to all the various materials and surfaces that are used on roofs,” the company said.

“When used properly, the new seal will have the highest bonding and the best bond with the metals that it is applied to.”

The company is looking to roll out its ERE product globally over the next two to three years.

Odom noted that the company will have to figure out which markets are ready to roll it out.

Thules first product was the “Thule ESR” which was released in 2014.

In 2015, the company launched its “Thulestyle” roof-sealing sealant for use on the roof of its F150, which has since become a favorite among many people in the US and Europe.

It is also available for sale on Thule.com and in Europe.

Thulhu was launched by the same company in the United States in 2013.

The brand is now the second largest U.S. roof-cleaning company, with around 30,000 employees, according to the company.