Lowe’s sheds roofing with beacons

Lowe’s is giving the roofing industry a boost with a new product it is selling under its Beacon Roofing Supply brand.

The company is using the solar power of beacons to create an array of solar panels that it can install on existing roofing systems to extend the life of existing roof systems.

The solar panels can be purchased for $150 each, and are being offered to customers who have already installed solar panels.

This new product is being marketed as a way to help reduce the cost of solar energy by providing a more sustainable source of power.

Lowe’s says that it hopes the new product will help it cut the energy use of its existing roofs and roofs in general by saving customers energy costs.

The idea behind the new solar technology is that the solar panels will generate energy when they are exposed to sunlight, and the energy can then be stored in the roof.

When the sun is not shining, the energy will be stored as water and released when the sun starts shining.

If the sun isn’t shining, water can be stored and released to keep the water cool in the winter months.

These are all very simple concepts.

However, the real challenge for the company is that there is currently no obvious way to store and release the energy that is stored in a solar system when it is not in sunlight.

Lowe has been testing solar-powered roof systems for several years, and now it’s going into the business of manufacturing these solar panels to supply to customers.

It says that the panels will be available in two sizes, and that it is also looking to develop a range of other solar roof products, including those that capture the energy of the sun’s rays.

“We have been looking for a way of improving the efficiency of solar roofs, and we have been very successful with this in the solar industry,” said Matt Loehle, senior vice president of product development and innovation.

The first solar panel will be produced in the U.S. by Lowe’s in late 2019, and Loep says that this is the first time that it has offered this product.

“The first batch will be about 50 percent smaller than the current batch,” Loehoe said.

The Solar Roof, a large solar panel designed for use on large roofs and built to withstand the rigors of solar storms, will be sold in the first quarter of 2020.

Loele says that he hopes that the product will also help people with solar systems to install more solar panels in their homes.

“This is just the beginning,” he said.

Lowe is also working with other companies to provide other products that could be used to help people save energy by building a solar roof.

The system that Lowe is currently testing is called the Lowes Power Solar Roofing System, which is based on the existing power plant that is already installed in the community.

Luehle said that the system is designed to be self-contained, and is designed with the help of solar sensors that can monitor the system and help adjust the solar panel to get it ready for installation.

Lowe says that other products being developed by the company include a small-scale system for the home, and a larger solar roof that is used to provide an additional source of energy for homes and businesses that are connected to the grid.

“It’s a very different idea than the old energy grid,” said Loehn.

“You can’t just have a solar grid and expect to have it at a certain rate.

So we’re looking to do something that is sustainable, that can save people energy.”