The Rock Is Back on The Rock, Part II

The Rock is back on The ROCK.

The Rock will be back on the Rock on Monday, September 15. 

The Rock has been a recurring guest on The MTV Movie Awards, with the host taking part in every episode, which has seen him present various segments and guest stars.

The actor and singer is set to perform on Monday night, September 19, and he will be joined by the likes of Amy Schumer and the Rock, who will be doing an encore.

Watch: The Rocky Returns: The Rock’s First Appearance at the MTV Movie Music Awards 2018 article The rock star is one of several celebs who will also be taking part on Monday.

Other celebs to be appearing on the show are the late, great David Bowie, singer and songwriter John Legend, actor James Franco and former President Donald Trump.

Here’s a look at what to expect: Rock will Perform On Monday September 19th: Rock will perform at the 9pm EST/2pm GMT on MTV News. 

Rock, Schumer, The Rock and the rest of the Rock crew will also perform on The M*A*S*H: M*A**S*E at 8pm EST on Sunday, September 18. 

MTV News will also show the show, which will be hosted by MTV News correspondent Cami Anderson. See more: Watch Rock’s Most Popular Shows: Rock: Rising TheRock: Came Back To Life Rock: Rock’s New Album Rock: The Rocky Returns TheRock: Rock, Schumer and The Rock: M*As*H Rock: New Music from the RockTheRock Rock: TheRock Returns Rock: First Appearance Rock: Born Again Rock: Rocky Returns Rock – Rock and Schumer