Architects create ‘fairy tale’ roof replacement for roofed apartment building

Architects have come up with a roof shingle they hope will make the process of renovating your own home more manageable.

The roof shings are meant to be an alternative to the traditional wooden shingled roofing used in new construction.

They are intended to be as inexpensive as possible and will not damage the structure of your existing roof.

The shinglings can be made by anyone and are currently being manufactured by a company called Econolite, according to The Local.

The company has already been awarded a €1.7 million contract for the project, with the hope of using the shingling to repair existing roofing.

The shingle was initially created by architect and urban planner David Gomes in 2010 to make roofing panels for his new apartment complex in Lille, France.

The roofing panel was originally made to be attached to the exterior of a roofing mast and then welded onto the roof.

“It was a very, very long process,” Gomes told French newspaper L’Espresso.

“I spent four years of my life on this project.

It took me five years to complete it.”

The company’s website states that the shingle can be fabricated by anyone, as long as they are at least 25 years old and are willing to work on it for free.

The first shingle was installed at the roof of a two-storey building in Paris last summer.

After several attempts, it was finally installed last weekend.

It will cost around €30,000 ($40,000) to install and is meant to last for up to 50 years.

The price of the shinging is dependent on the quality of the material used.

The company says that the material could be made from recycled plastic, glass or stainless steel.