Inside The Toyota Supra – Inside the new Toyota Supras interior

Toyota’s new Supra sedan, the first model since the Prius, comes in a variety of colors, but the interior is the most unique of all.

Toyota has used a “silicone” roof coating to add to the feel of the new model, which is said to be lighter than other SUVs and the first with a fully articulated roof.

As a result, the Supra’s dashboard has a “glass roof” effect that is unique to this model.

The roof itself has a unique glass window design that is more like a large mirror, with the interior filled with glass panels.

Toyota is not saying exactly how much this roof coating costs, but it will cost about $40,000 when the car goes on sale in November, $1,500 more than the previous-generation Supra.

The company also says that the car has “an aggressive design and looks to be designed with the luxury market in mind.”

As far as how it all looks, we have to agree that the cabin feels very luxurious.

The center console has a retractable headrest and the dash and door panels have removable glass panels that can be slid into place.

We don’t know how well it will work on the interior, but we imagine it will be much more comfortable than the existing car.

The rear seats have an area for a full-sized computer.

While it’s not a big deal, it is nice to see that the interior has some new design elements.

The “silicones” on the roof, for example, are very unique to the Toyota Supraman.

They have a glass-like look, and the seats are angled in such a way that they are tilted forward slightly.

It’s a little hard to tell from photos from the car, but our Supra is very spacious, with an even number of seats.

We also like the roof vents.

The top of the rear window opens up for the driver to view the outside world.