How to properly trim a gaf rooftop

You might not be able to trim a rooftop without damaging the gaf or your own home, but there are some things you can do to make sure you don’t damage your roof.1.

Always check for gaf and gaff 2.

Be sure to properly remove the gaff before trimming3.

Follow the directions of the contractor you are working with4.

When trimming gaffs, always follow the proper methods.5.

Use an electrician to trim the gafa.

If the contractor doesn’t have an electricians certificate, they can’t do the job.

You can get one at a hardware store or on the phone.6.

When cutting gaff lines, be sure to make a plan for how they will be trimmed.

There is a good chance they will end up as a gaff line or gaff.

It is best to cut one of these lines as close to the roof as possible.

If you don´t have the proper plan, they will get stuck in the roof.7.

Don´t leave any gaffing debris behind.

Leave enough space between you and the gaggle of gaffers.

This will prevent them from dragging you out of the way.8.

Make sure your contractor is familiar with the materials used in gaff removal.

If he is not, you will have to hire an electric pro.9.

Use a hand saw or a garden rake.

Don´t worry about cutting through your roof!

Gaf can be removed by hand, but if you want a more precise look, a garden raking tool is a must.10.

Never put a roof down, especially when you are trimming a gafa line.

If the contractor does not have an electrical certification, they cannot do the work.11.

Check the roof before you trim it.

If it looks like the roof is being ripped out, it is time to call a contractor.