New report: RVA roof vent system ‘brazen’

The VA says it installed a roof vent control system to deal with a problem with a roof vents that have led to problems in the past.

The problem in question is a vent that vents air out from the roof, and a VA spokesman says the system was designed to prevent that vent from escaping, but it’s now causing problems.

The system, which is about 20 feet long and about 40 feet wide, was installed in July in the VA hospital in Richmond.

The VA said it was able to fix the vent system and reduce its chances of a fire.

But the VA has said the venting system is “brazen.”

The VA also said the system is a part of a broader “wide range of problems.”

The VA says in a statement that it is currently testing a new system to fix a similar problem with its venting systems.

The VA said the problem is unrelated to the recent fire at the hospital and that it has not yet been able to find a source of the problem.

The fire at VA hospital caused a $1 billion fire and more than $100 million in repairs to the building.